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When Dr. Santiago Rodriguez set out to make the world’s best Aloe vera, his travels around the world allowed him to choose sites with perfect conditions for growing the perfect Aloe vera.  Having revolutionized commercial Aloe vera farming and processing throughout his career, Dr. Rodriguez was ready to raise the bar to a new level. With his extensive knowledge and experience in organic farming and processing, and exceptional quality control skills, he knew this was the time to set-up production of what would result in The Perfection of Aloe Vera Processing known as BiAloe®.  

No other brand of Aloe vera on the market today can match the quality of farming, processing and quality control that Lorand employs in the production of BiAloe®.  As a result, no other brand of Aloe vera delivers the level of bio-available Aloe Poly Acetyl Mannans content of BiAloe®.

Why This Aloe

Dr. Santiago Rodriguez

Dr. Santiago explains the benefitss to RPG Aloe
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Dr. Santiago Rodriguez is renowned as the foremost expert in the world on Aloe vera processing. He is credited with revolutionizing commercial Aloe vera farming and processing by doing pilot and scale-up production of Manapol® while at Carrington Laboratories. As a consultant, he has helped numerous Aloe companies to increase efficiency and to produce better Aloe. Now, as the founder of Lorand Labs, he has again revolutionized Aloe vera with the production of BiAloe® the most biologically active Aloe vera available. 

While earning his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Texas, Dr. Rodriguez worked with several notable companies in Costa Rica and the United States. He then spent 10 years with Carrington Laboratories where he isolated and produced a pilot scale intravenous drug using complex carbohydrates from Aloe vera. As a result of his successes with Carrington Laboratories, Dr. Rodriguez was reassigned to Costa Rica to design and install a complete production and packaging line. He conceived and implemented process design, orchestrated procurement of equipment, supervised building remodeling and redesign, equipment installation, process start-up and process controls for the production of Manapol®. As the CEO of the Costa Rican subsidiary of Carrington Labs, Dr. Rodriguez supervised 250 people and oversaw every aspect of farming and production. He also gave Carrington Labs two additional patents for novel Aloe vera products and their processes.  

When Dr. Rodriguez left Carrington Labs he worked as an independent consultant. His dream was to produce the finest Aloe vera in the World. His work eventually led him travel the world where Dr. Rodriguez saw selected sites that offered perfect conditions for growing the best Aloe vera in the world. After several years of work, his creativity and astute attention to detail enabled him to unlock the secret to an Aloe vera processing system that was truly unique. It left the best of nature intact while improving upon the bio-availability and immunomodulatory functions of Aloe. His years of passion and dedication culminated when he perfected the process that resulted in the creation of BiAloe®, with the most bio-available Aloe Poly Acetyl Mannans on the market today, and truly the perfection of Aloe vera processing. 

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