Helps prevent health issues 5-7 Years BEFORE 

they become a problem by identifying major imbalances.

The ultimate physical exam done yearly. 


Establishes a baseline of your health to

monitor the effectiveness of your health program.


Prioritizes what conditions need to be

addressed first.

Get test results immediately. 


"If someone was considering thermography, I would tell them to get it. It’s worth every investment they can put into it. If they want a future life without illnesses in it, they need to get one."

Click HERE to see a Testimonial of someone that did a Thermogram before making life changes and what the changes looked like afterward.

When I went in to see my gynecologist at 35 she wanted me to do a mammogram and I did NOT want to do a mammogram. So it was really just perfect timing for me to find an alternative because I felt like I was taking care of myself and still having everything checked out but I’m not going through the exposure or false positive of a mammogram. The added bonus is that I found out a lot of other things about myself, not just the breast health, but everything overall. For anyone considering thermography, I would say, why not? It’s not going to hurt you, so why wouldn’t you just go get that extra information and get ahead of whatever is found there rather than waiting until something does come up and trying to fix it retroactively.

Jennifer M.

I had chemotherapy and radiation and surgery from cancer and I was looking for ways to be healthier and get rid of some of those toxins. My first Thermography experience was easier than I thought. It was very comfortable and not painful at all and it was good to know it wasn’t doing any harm to my body.

I realized I had mercury poisoning even before the chemotherapy and everything, so I knew they were pumping poisons into my body, but I was dwelling on what would help. I know it takes time to reverse some of those symptoms and I will continue to head in that direction.

Jorja C.

My regular MD, she kept saying to me, ‘well, you need to get this test, and you need to get that test’ so I said, ‘I’m not doing that’ and I started coming to Dr. Michael. Within just a few times, the pain I was having in my side disappeared! At that time he was promoting the Thermography so I started doing that instead of the mammograms, and it hasn’t led me in the wrong direction. I’ve been doing them a long time and it just shows so much more than a mammogram could ever even think about showing. 

I know once a year I need to get one to see what new things are going on because there’s always something new popping up, it doesn’t stay the same, and what’s the same one year (last year), might be different this year. 

Michelle P.

Everyone in my family came and got one and then we have been going for the past 3 years. I think it was really interesting how they can see what is wrong with each and every system in your entire body. I was having chronic migraines all the time and so I went to multiple different doctors and they couldn’t figure out what caused it, and this was the only thing that they figured out the cause of my migraines. Now, I don’t have migraines at all! It changed my life. 

I think spending that money on the Thermogram is definitely worth it because it’s just good to know the information about your body so you can take care of yourself the way you need to.

Yanna P.


Holistic Practitioners, Specialists, & Technicians. Above all else - people who care.

Dr. Michael Einsohn

Founder &

Lead Doctor

Health Care / Kinesiology / Thermography

Raquel Castro

Administrative Specialist & Patient Advocate

Administrative / Patient Services

Dr. Marta Cordel

Holistic Health Practitioner


Kinesiology / Nutrition / Thermography

Liz Mosesman

Holistic Health Practitioner

Health Care /

Jin Shin Jyutsu / Thermography

Dr. Michelle Ewer

Holistic Health Practitioner

Executive Coaching / Kinesiology / Thermography

Michelle Weiss

Adviser & Organizational Coordinator

Administrative / Patient Services



Regulation Thermography is uniquely designed to assess the functionality of all the major organs and systems in the body. This allows us to see underlying issues in the body’s environment as a whole. Without a healthy environment, the body cannot work as it was naturally intended. We help you identify and address the root causes rather than just looking at one-off symptoms.



Your body has the intelligence to know what it needs. We use the world-renowned B.E.S.T. kinesiology technique to test everything against what your body wants and needs. For example, your body may need one brand of supplement over another, and we allow your body to be the deciding authority on your ideal customized health protocol.



Thermography Center of Dallas was the first Regulation Thermography center in the United States. We are the leading experts, having trained over 200 doctors across the country and having done over 20,000 thermograms with patients from all over the US. The definition of “doctor” is “to teach” and we proudly reflect this by ensuring that you get your results the same day, we fully review the results with you, and we teach you how to master your personal health plan so that you can take back control of your health!



We offer the gentle but powerful healing tool of Jin Shin. The effects of treatments are as varied as each individual, although deep relaxation, a feeling of well-being, emotional balance, and relief from stress, discomfort, anxiety, and pain are common. 
Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments do not involve massage, pressure, manipulation of muscles, or use of drugs or substances. Treatments are appropriate for children and babies, the elderly, and frail individuals.



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Regulation Thermography is an FDA cleared adjunctive test that uses a probe to take readings on over 100 points of the body, each point measuring the FUNCTIONALITY of the following organs and systems: breasts, ovaries, uterus, prostate, pancreas, colon, gallbladder, small intestine, heart, lungs, spinal column, kidneys, stomach, liver, teeth, gums, lymphatic system, endocrine system, immune system, thymus, sinus, thyroid, and more! 

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