What if you could Revive the Healing Power of your Body Naturally with Ease?

Well now you can!

ONNETSU THERMOTHERAPY, a technique that has been taught to over 100
s of Oncologists and MDs!

And as an Extra Gift here are other ways, besides the Onnetsu, to stimulate your Vagus Nerve which will increase your immune system. 6 Ways To Stimulate the Vagus Nerve by CLICKing HERE

The revolutionary new NASA Based Specialized Hand-Held Quantum Device has been used in hospital trials were 38 of the 40 cases of cancers produced remarkable results. This makes it easy and fast to optimize the self-healing process that strengthens the immune system, mitigates and improves symptoms and has been clinically shown to maintain a body free from diseases and illnesses!

So much faster and easier than having to spend thousands of dollars restoring the body’s immune system.

Let me show you in this video from the developer, Dr. Kuzuko, of the device how it works...

P.S. The video is 7 minutes long and about a minute in it shows her using it.

We learned from Dr.Kuzuko, the originator of this product and therapy.


Feel free to check out who she is and her national and international accomplishments by clicking HERE.

Let me show you how simple the ONNETSU THERMOTHERAPY is...

  1. Call To Make An Appointment

  2. Come Relax for an Hour

  3. Leave restored while strengthening your immune system to improve any condition in the human body.

With ONNETSU THERMOTHERAPY you don't need to:

  • Loose time with family and friends because you are not feeling 100%

  • Feel aches and pains in the body

  • Worry when the next time you might get sick

  • Go to the hospital during Flu season

Onnetsu Thermotherapy has helped with people with health conditions such as;



Pain Relief


Eye Problems





Atopic Dermatitis



Autonomic Imbalance

Heart Problems

Prostate / Bladder

Brain Problems



Blood Pressure



Bone Problem


Spinal Problems

Cancer ( Various )



Cardiac Arrhythmia

Kidney Problem

Thyroid Problems


Liver Disorders



Lung Diseases



Lyme Diseases


Digestive Problems


Ulcerative Colitis


Multiple Sclerosis

Women’s Problems

Ear problems

Nerve Problems


And Much MORE…

Intro Price:

Now the great news is ONNETSU THERMOTHERAPY + Educational Consultation is just $195.  (*Follow Up Visit are $125)


Highly recommended that as a New patient you do 3 visits to start out.


New Patient Bundle is $395 (Normally $445)

That's less than Spa Treatment Day and you'll see results in less than 10 minutes throughout your whole being!

Grab this now because you're just one health technique away from changing your life and the life of your family by preventing any dis-ease .

100% Guaranteed

Oh, and you're fully protected with our guarantee to reinstate proper energy flow and promote healing.

act now! Go ahead and call 214-352-8758 to speak with the specialist or click here to learn more!

Have any questions?  Call or Text 214-352-8758  thermography@thermographycenter.com
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Regulation Thermography is an FDA cleared adjunctive test that uses a probe to take readings on over 100 points of the body, each point measuring the FUNCTIONALITY of the following organs and systems: breasts, ovaries, uterus, prostate, pancreas, colon, gallbladder, small intestine, heart, lungs, spinal column, kidneys, stomach, liver, teeth, gums, lymphatic system, endocrine system, immune system, thymus, sinus, thyroid, and more! 

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