In 1987, a bright young doctor graduated from Parker College (now called Parker University) with an idea – he wanted to serve the community by dedicating himself to find the root cause of any problem or symptom. This led him to establish the first-ever Thermography Center in the United States that would be available for any kind of doctor or individual interested in finding deeper answers in regards to their health. This doctor’s name is Michael Einsohn (RETIRED). 

When he first began his journey as a doctor, he inherited several patients from his mentor, Dr. Ted Morter (President of Parker Chiropractic College) that had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Einsohn’s (RETIRED) medical training taught him to look at the overall health profile, which included looking at their blood work for cancer markers. What he discovered was that for many of them, their blood results and their specific markers were in the normal range.

That is when Dr. Einsohn (RETIRED) went on his quest to find different screening tools that would help unearth what was happening on a deeper level. He wanted to serve as many women as possible by getting them real answers about why their body was not functioning the way it was intended. He realized after speaking to many experts that there were many different causes that lead to developing the same medical condition.

Dr. Michael Einsohn

After Years of researching, studying, and examining different tools, he came across something powerful that would get at the root cause of why someone is not functioning at 100%. 


This technology is called Computerized Regulation Thermography, which was created by German medical doctors and German biological dentists more than 40 years ago. The incredible accuracy of the test is based on a 100,000 patient assessment that has been clinically correlated from doctors and hospitals with hundreds of MRI & CT Scans. This whole-body adjunctive diagnostic tool provides visible measurements of the autonomic nervous system, which is often key to the causal factors of many diseases. It is a non-invasive and non-radiation tool that identifies and determines the function of every major organ in the body, along with the lymphatic system, circulatory system breast health, prostate health, teeth, gums, heart function, and more.   


After 30+ years of being in the health field, Dr. Einsohn (RETIRED) has completed over 20,000 thermograms, mentored over 200 doctors, has been a consultant for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and has studied natural healing practices in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South and Central America.




The Thermography Center goes far beyond just diagnostics these days. We have grown from it just being Dr. Michael Einsohn (RETIRED) to having a total of 3 doctors, 1 holistic practitioner, and 4 supporting staff. We can help people with:

·        Emotional Wellness

·        Environmental Wellness

·        Financial Wellness

·        Intellectual Wellness

·        Occupational Wellness

·        Physical Wellness

·        Social Wellness

·        Spiritual Wellness

We have acquired a variety of very  powerful natural healing therapies and remedies in order to facilitate a significant change in countless lives.

We are a comprehensive turn-key health and wellness sanctuary for all ages.



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It helps identify health issues 5-7 Years BEFORE they become a problem by identifying major imbalances.

It’s the ultimate physical exam done just once a year, so there’s no need for numerous expensive exams.

Reveals the function of every organ and system of the body.

Non-invasive. No pain. No radiation.

Prioritizes what conditions need to be addressed first.

Get test results immediately.

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