Thermography Center of Dallas was the first Regulation Thermography center in the United States. We are the leading experts, having trained more than 200 health professionals across the country and having done more than 20,000 thermograms with patients from all over the US. The definition of “educator” is “to teach,” and we proudly reflect this by ensuring that you get your results the same day, reviewing those results with you, and teaching you how to master your personal health plan so that you can take back control of your health!

Dr. Michael Einsohn

Michael Einsohn, DC

Founder / Health Educator

Health Care / Kinesiology / Thermography

Marta Cordel, ND

Holistic Health Practitioner HHP, CHNC, CTS

Kinesiology   /   Nutrition   /   Thermography

Carolyn Johansen, ND

Holistic Health Practitioner

Thermography / Counseling / Kinesiology

Michelle Weiss

Advisor & Organizational Coordinator

Administrative / Patient Services

Jessica Metts

Lymphatic Massage Specialist

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