Muscle Testing


Your Body Speaks

One of the most important methods for evaluating the body has been practiced for more than 75 years. Muscle Testing is a way of analyzing the energy flow through specific reflexes on the body that are also the basis for acupuncture and acupressure. This allows us to gradually uncover the root of a health problem as well as the blockages that are preventing symptoms from resolving. Because symptoms are signs that blockages exist and are not themselves causes of illness, finding the core issue is the key to restoring your health. This is a quick and easy method of analysis that once a root issue is identified, will also help to determine the most effective way to correct it. 

These systems both use reflex points on the body that represent specific tissues, glands, or organs that will weaken when the energy to those points is imbalanced or interrupted.  By simply pressing down on an arm while touching the test point, the arm will instantly weaken when the energy to the corresponding point being tested is interrupted, much like a breaker switch.

Muscle Testing can uncover nutritional, biochemical, emotional, and anatomical issues that may have been unresolved for years gradually wearing down the body’s resources and causing faulty function leading to symptoms.

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