Advanced Lymphatic Treatment

Our trained therapist performs Advanced Lymphatic Treatments using the Lymphstar Pro Fusion Device, a noninvasive therapeutic application of vibrational energy technology. Emitting “information” to the energy field of the cells via harmonics of sound and frequencies of light. It produces this information by way of noble gas ionization. An optimal mixture of xenon and argon is enclosed in Pyrex glass tube. The gases are activated by electrical current. An energy field then radiates from the tube onto the skin through the transmission heads and is conducted throughout the entire bio-energy system. Proteins are re-polarized causing retained fluid and congested areas to flow effectively. This device is several times stronger than manual lymphatic massage.

“Jessica helped me so much. I struggle with migraines & one day I was experiencing one, and called her. She came in on the weekend to get me in. It helped me so much. I felt better from head to toe. So thankful for Jessica. It’s a great addition to our community. ” 

– Kate W.

How does this Advanced Lymphatic Treatment work?

The Lymphstar Pro Fusion device uses several different types of vibrational energy that are recognized by the body to encourage healing. The machinec synergestically combines 3 ways to stimulate lymph drainage and lymph flow:

Electrostatic Current

A safe, highly regulated electrostatic field. This is an electric current at extremely low amperage. This current activates the parasympathetic nervous system (turns off “fight or flight” response). It also ionizes the tissue, which causes waste that is collected and sitting in the soft tissue to break apart, move into the lymph system where it is flushed out of the body.

Sound Waves

Frequencies and harmonics emitted from the device are between 0 and 1,000 hz, These frequencies resonate in the body with specific organs and tissues, helping to restore them to a balanced state. These sound waves also have a mechanical effect on the waste in the tissue, allowing it to break up.

Light Therapy

Near infrared, red LED, and blue light are also used. Near Infrared and red light help to reduce inflammation, swelling, and discomfort. The blue light helps to balance the hormones in the body.

Some of the many health benefits include:

  • Improved symptoms of those with allergies, chronic fatigue & pain, inflammatory conditions, swollen lymph nodes, upper respiratory issues, headaches, hormone imbalances, male & female reproductive conditions, heavy metal toxicity, dental complications, neuromuscular complications, and immune dysfunction

  • Promotes relaxation and detoxification

  • Increases energy levels

  • Healthier looking skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite

  • Recovery from breast surgery, breast lift, plastic surgery, Lipo, radiation therapy, pre or post op surgery, or tummy tucks

What should I expect during a treatment?

The appointment begins with the client laying on a table underneath a sheet and blanket in a relaxing atmosphere. The therapist begins each session at the exit points or the “terminus” of the Lymphatic System near the clavicle area with gentle sweeping movements of the therapy wands that mimics the pumping rhythm of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. The therapy wands contain noble gases that are stimulated by a low energy vibration in the form of acoustic and electrostatic fields. When applied to the skin at multiple treatment points, this stimulation assists lymph drainage up to 8 times faster than manual lymph drainage alone.

Lymphatic Experiences

I went here because my symptoms matched almost all that were listed on her site. I did not leave feeling amazing due to having a worse starting condition than most probably do, but i could tell a difference immediately despite the areas that need more treatment. What impressed me most was the next morning I awoke to a message from her inquiring about how I felt. That to me said so much about her and what she is doing. She actually seems to care about a person and that alone is worth trying out her treatment. I definitely plan to continue.

-Amber M.

My first appointment was a wonderful experience. Jessica is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. She truly cares about all of her clients and focuses on educating people on the importance of the lymphatic system. She isn’t trying to get you in and out because her goal is to address your specific issues! Go check out Jessica.

– Luke B.

Just can’t say enough about the quality of information and help that you can get from Jessica. She truly cares about you and your health issues and takes the time to understand them!! Highly recommended!!

-Jonathan R. 


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