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Thermography Center of Dallas cares about its community and wants to assist you in finding answers to questions. Below are answers to some typical questions people ask. If you have additional questions, please contact us.


It is a non-invasive adjunctive technique that can look at the causal level of symptoms. It can assess the functions of all your internal organs, glands, and immune system, and identifies areas that need support and any patterns of dysfunction.

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It senses the presence of heavy metal toxicity, viruses, bacteria, and yeast. It evaluates hormones. It assesses every tooth—very often chief concerns originate with the teeth even if there are no tooth symptoms. Problems with the teeth have been documented to affect every organ of the body. It also assesses the health of breasts by using 12 different criteria.

Below are the major areas of evaluations.

We only offer a full body scan to provide a complete picture of your body’s current health. Many times, findings in the breast area originate from a different area of the body.
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A thermogram is a functional test that evaluates breast health and how it relates to the body as a whole. A mammogram is a structural exam that evaluates breast tissue. This is like comparing apples to oranges. Research has shown that thermograms can detect changes in tissues 8-10 years before the tumor develops to a size that can be seen on a mammogram.

No. X-rays and MRIs are structural tests that tell us about body structure. A thermogram shows the function of glands, organs, and immune system. It allows us to see where the imbalances are in the body and determine whether further testing is warranted.

Because our technology is cleared by the FDA, many insurance companies do cover this service. However, we do not file for insurance. We provide a receipt with the procedure code and explanation of service that you can use to submit to your insurance company.

The thermogram is a functional test. It shows the health of the tissue. It does not show an image of a mass like a structural test such as an X-ray or MRI. Ideally, we want to identify unhealthy changes in an area before an unwanted growth develops.

No time at all! You will receive the results as a printout at your appointment. You do not have to wait weeks to get your results or even days.

We do not recommend any specific doctor. We do maintain a list of excellent practitioners of various specialties. You may request the contact information at your appointment. We work with a multidisciplinary team of Holistic Health Practitioners, MDs, OBGYNs, DCs, DOs, NDs, toxicologists, integrative medicine specialists, functional medicine specialists, massage therapists, lymph drainage specialists, nutritional therapists, and aestheticians. We are the first testing facility in the US dedicated to providing thermography services to all types of doctors.

A prescription is not needed, however, since we are a testing facility, we must do a review with you or send the thermography report to a doctor that has been fully trained in thermography. If your doctor is not familiar with thermography, we offer your doctor a free 15-minute phone consultation with our director, Marta Cordell. It is up to your doctor to contact her to make an appointment for this.

Thermography is a functional test that reveals underlying disorders. It can detect patterns that indicate if serious conditions are likely to develop. It is FDA cleared as an adjunctive test for investigating neoplastic condition (cancer) and is used frequently by individuals who are interested in monitoring their health status.

The Thermography Center is located off Spring Valley Road, next to the Dallas North Toll Road on the southeast corner. The address is 5220 Spring Valley Rd, Ste. 405. Dallas TX 75254. It is the 6-story mirrored building that says Triumph Saving Bank on the top. It is set back behind the Robbins Jewelry Store. (GPS gets mixed up because it is set back.)

Plan to arrive about 30 minutes early to allow your body to adjust to the office temperature before the scan. You will fill out a patient information page and consent forms during this acclimation time. Please be sure to bring your doctor’s information including phone number, address, and email address. A thermogram cannot be sent via fax as it is in color. Some of the results are read according to color.

Camera thermography measures skin surface temperature to show “hot spots.” Our computerized thermography gives an individual biochemical, functional picture of each of your internal organs. It is one of the only technologies that evaluate the lymph system, which is a foundational reflection of your immune system and transportation of fats.
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Thermography shows the function of your body as a whole. It can show how imbalances in one area can affect other parts of your body. For example:

The thermogram will show the underlying dysfunction that is the cause of anything that may be detected on this type of test. Thermograms have been shown to detect issues 8-10 years before other structural tests.

The full body Regulation Thermogram Scan only takes about 30-40 minutes, but we ask you to arrive 30 minutes early to give time to complete patient forms and checkout. Once the exam is done, we will do a comprehensive educational review that will take 20 minutes. All-in-all, it will take approximately 1.5 hrs.


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Yes. This is Computer Regulation Thermography, exactly what we offer. Thermometry is an added value.

Our technology does not use a drift factor. Multiple temperature measurements are taken and calculated to obtain the most accurate reading. Temperature variation is calculated based on actual measurements, therefore, does not cause inaccurate readings.

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