For those in need of financial support with thermography, funding may be available through
TWO different places

1st Place is United Breast Cancer Foundation's Breast Screening Program. Click here:

Questions? Please reach out to UBCF:  breastscreening@ubcf.org | 1-877-822-4287 x706

2nd Place to apply for grant money is through Abundant Grace Ministry

Look below for grant application and details

EVERYONE SHOULD APPLY because ANYONE can Receive up to $150 in Grant Money to Help Offset Your Cost For a Thermogram and Review of Results

This $150 Grant will NOT Be Added to Any Special Promotion Offered by the Abundant Grace Ministry, which is the Non-Profit leg of the Thermography Center of Dallas!

We have created a health ministry Abundant Grace Ministry (AGM)  to make this happen. AGM will assist you with a Thermogram regardless of age, income, gender, race, ethnicity, or health insurance coverage.

To receive AGM support, please apply for a grant and receive your approval before you receive your thermogram. It will typically take 3-5 days for approval.

Step One

Click HERE to being the application process.

Also, please consider becoming an Abundant Grace Ministry Member, so that you can also receive a tax write-off of all services provided by the Thermography Center of Dallas.

​Click HERE for the membership application.

Please Note, your Pay It Forward Contribution is immediately invested back into this Grant Program to assist women and men just like you. Once you have submitted your application, AGM will be in touch with you within 3 business days. If you have any questions, please e-mail them at thermography@thermographycenter.com.

The MAX amount for the visit under the grant is $150.


The high demand and limited funds available for the Grant requires that AGM make grant determinations based upon financial need and other factors. To be eligible for the maximum amount applicants must meet the following household income criteria:

Household SizeHousehold Income cannot exceed for full amount

****Example of income that exceeds household income…Let’s say you have a family size of 3 and make $100,000, then you would receive approximately $75 for your first visit and $45 for the follow-up.

Step Two

Once you receive approval, then you should call the Thermography Center of Dallas at 214-352-8758 to book your WHOLE BODY THERMOGRAM & WELLNESS PLAN.

Additionally, please let the scheduler know that you have applied for the Grant Program, so that your file can be notated.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT PAYMENT, The Thermography Center of Dallas will subtract the award amount from the total amount for your Thermogram and will bill AGM directly for the balance. We will submit an invoice to AGM that documents your screening (client name and address, date of service, cost of the procedure, total amount due, etc.).


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