Personalized Health Plan



We know from our decades of experience that good health starts with the fundamentals 

  • Nutrition

    • Eating the right things for your body’s needs

    • Increasing vegetables

    • Avoiding sugars and starches

  • Physical Activity

    • Mapping out the activities you enjoy

    • Getting a good mix of strengthening, cardio and stretching

  • Hydration

    • Drinking the amount of water you need daily

    • Ensuring the water you are drinking is clean and/or structured

  • Sleep

    • Getting enough sleep overall

    • Getting enough deep sleep

  • Stress Management

    • Mental and emotional support

    • Breathing exercises

    • Eliminating sources of stress wherever possible

    • Planning activities that offset stress and rejuvenate body and mind

  • Altering your environment

    • Removing toxins wherever possible

    • Building an environment conducive to the other foundations



Immediately following the completion of your thermogram you will receive a copy of the results. Next, you will spend invaluable time with a Certified Thermography Specialist to understand the terms and unique details on your personal thermogram report. Additionally, this time is dedicated to reviewing and answering questions regarding your thermogram report so that you can understand how your body is functioning before moving on to creating a food plan.



After you share with us what your typical diet looks like we will use Applied Kinesiology to discover which foods in your daily diet are not harmonious to your body’s chemistry. We will then offer suggestions and help expand your knowledge of different food groups to give you many options to reach your goals.


This is what our evaluation form looks like…Click HERE



We will save you a bunch of money, time, and energy by going through all of the supplements you are currently taking. You can bring all of them in or make a list for us to go through. As we move through your current list, we will discover if:

  • you are not absorbing the supplement, 

  • do not need the supplement right now,

  • the supplement is not addressing what you are looking to accomplish


Our expertise plays a vital role in clearly defining the supplements that will be able to inspire true healing by tapping into 40+ of the highest quality professional supplement companies to find the products that meet your unique needs.




We will take an in-depth look at your current workload, responsibilities, daily habits, stress, and more. This helps us create an action plan that is manageable and easy to implement using simple steps that fit into your day-to-day life – no matter what your day-to-day life looks like! 



We have spent more that 30 years finding you the highest quality natural healing modalities on the planet. From specialty supplements like plant stem cells to specialty services like biological dentistry, lymphatic massageJin Shin JytsuOnnetsu, and  much more.

Again, we will use Applied Kinesiology to determine the best specialist for all your health needs.

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