Onnetsu-Ki and Mat

Dr. Kazuko’s Terahertz + Far Infrared(FIR)

A revolutionary, breakthrough device that helps to heal your own healing power without any side effects.

Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura has invented an amazing new hand-held portable instrument called Dr. Kazuko’s Terahertz + FIR Onnetsu-ki. Dr. Kazuko’s Onnetsu Therrmotherapy raises immunity and prevents and improves illness and any physical discomfort. This is the only handheld THz+FIR device in the world that can detect unhealthy spots deep inside the body and support the body’s own healing power. This simple-to-use instrument should be in every household in the world in the future for the prevention of illnesses and the promotion of general health.


FIR is the ray from the Sun that is absolutely necessary and essential for our living cells. It is only 5–20 microns of wavelength which is the same as the Ki emitted from the human body. FIR penetrates deeply into the body, corrects hormone imbalances, stimulates blood circulation, promotes organ functions, rejuvenates cells, repairs degenerated cells, facilitates elimination and promotes your immune system, and smooth flow of Ki. Thus, in Japan, FIR is used very effectively for medical and therapeutic purposes, for health and well-being in general.



Dr. Kazuko’s new THz + FIR Onnetsu Mat uses a special, patented ceramic, which emits only the most focused FIR ray (8-10 microns) and heat. As a paired device with ONNETSU-KI, it is very beneficial, gentle, and comfortable, removing pain, fatigue, and daily stress. Lie down on it and make yourself comfortable, even overnight. ONNETSU MAT penetrates through the spine into the automatic nervous system, balancing sympathetic & parasympathetic nerves promoting immunity and your own healing power. Absolutely safe, with no side effects.

Improves Disfunction

The ONNETSU Mat improves the condition of all kinds of diseases such as:

All types of pain, arthritis, asthma, bladder, blood pressure, abnormalities of bones, various cancers, cold, diabetes, digestive problems, dizziness, fibroid, hepatitis, kidney and liver problems, lime disease, parasites, Parkinson’s, stroke, thyroid problems, stress,  various women’s issues, and more.

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