Breast Evaluation

Regulation Thermography is a powerful diagnostic tool, particularly for identifying breast abnormalities 5-7 years in ADVANCE and especially in light of the problems and inadequacies with physical examination and mammography:

– A study in Germany showed that 54% of breast cancer patients were correctly diagnosed by history and physical examination; that number rose to 76% when mammography was added but rose to 92% when computerized regulation thermography was used. 

– Recent studies published in The Lancet demonstrated that breast cancer deaths have not decreased through the use of X-ray mammography 

– A Swedish study showed that nearly 30% more cases of breast cancer occurred in women who had been subjected to routine mammograms for ten years compared with those women never receiving mammograms.

This is 1 of the many areas we thoroughly evaluate using Regulation Thermography as you go through the Whole Body Health Program. Below we will walk through the report and show you how much information you are receiving for your investment in your health. We can start testing women as early as their first menstrual Cycle. We can check your chest health even if you have had your breast removed.

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