If you are interested in healthy weight loss, enhanced elimination of toxins, increased energy and stamina, as well as relief of constipation, bloating, or discomfort around your belly, you have come to the right place. The information we will provide to you could be absolutely life-changing.

In today’s healthcare world, a multitude of ways to improve your health are offered to you, yet none can tell you exactly the root cause. No two digestive disorders are the same! We can help you identify and solve your specific situation.

Here is how and why we can make you this promise...

We are the expert in knowing the root cause to your health. We are the first Diagnostic Center for Thermography in Texas and have completed over 25,000 Thermograms, and trained over 200 doctors.

Imagine falling asleep at night with actual answers to your health questions and concerns. Not having to be fearful anymore. Not having to go to yet another doctor appointment and leave with no answers and no health plan. We are here to help! Get to the root cause and finally get the answers you seek through non-invasive diagnostic screening tools.

The wait is over! Call us today and feel confident that your health will go back to normal.

"When I went to Thermography of Dallas with my daughter, I really didn't know what to expect. Then, I met Michelle and she has exceeded my expectations as a health practitioner. Never thought I could actually do without coffee, sugar, dairy, or gluten for two months. The thermogram showed my lymph system as blocked and gave me a food plan and supplements to rebuild my body. I've learned to cook veggies so many different ways and love experimenting with new ones. Feel better, have more energy, and sleeping great thanks to Michelle!!"


“Fantastic results! went from 185 lbs, now at 145.70 in 6 months–everyone says I look great, how did I do it–Thermography Center and Dr Michael protocols! thyroid stabilized, went from low 1.7 to 3.590 dead center. thyroglobulin antibody went from 2.1 high to less than 1, thyroid peroxidase went from high 44 to 27 spot on–and, bone density increased 2% –skin clear, healthy glow– acupuncturist says I am now the healthiest person he knows–great protocols, great help, great health!!”


“Overall my whole life has changed. Just the simple drinking more water on a regular basis, from that to everything I eat, what I do, what kind of thoughts I’m feeding myself, everything has changed.”


  • 7 out of 10 women experience some form of digestive discomfort at least once a month.
  • According to a new, national survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, 72 percent said they have experienced gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms a few times a month or more. Why?
  • 86% are not at all knowledgable about the condition.

Here is just a fraction of what you will get...

* Understand exactly why you have digestive issues and how to promote healing

* Improve absorption of nutrients and have regular, consistent, and optimal bowel movements

* Bypass endless trial and error and go right to the start of your healing process

* Feel confident and free of discouragement. You can achieve your health goals!

* Increased comfort in your stomach

Get Results with our Whole Body Health thermogram Program

The Thermogram testing takes 45 minutes. You will receive the test results before you leave the appointment. An educational and thorough review of the results will be given. We will also address your questions and concerns and give basic recommendations and next steps towards healing for only $399.

If you call now, you will get these additional health benefits absolutely FREE:

Bonus #1: 12-week Self-Study Health Program

You will get instant access to our 12-week health program. Receive fun and useful health and wellness tips that can put you quickly on the road to results. ($199 value)

Bonus#2: 20 Minute Light Therapy Session

You will get to demo our state of the art FDA Cleared Class II medical device. Improve cardiovascular, lymphatic flow, blood pressure, and blood flow. Additionally, it will help with chronic pain, weight loss, removes toxins from the body, ease joint stiffness, and reduce the number of unhealthy cells. This bonus alone is worth 5 times the cost of your appointment! ($97 value)


Call or Text 214-352-8758 to book an appointment and see the health status of your digestion.



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