Regulation Thermography is a powerful diagnostic tool that looks for abnormalities 5-7 years in ADVANCE of other testing. It even does this for the HEART and has a built-in Alert system.

Remember:  This is not invasive and sees things on a subtle level that other tools cannot. Also, you will be able to see this system in the context of how the rest of the body is interacting with it, and uncover anything hidden.

This is ONLY 1 of the many areas we thoroughly evaluate using Regulation Thermography as you go through the Whole Body Health Program. Below we will walk through the report and show you the scope of information you are receiving for your investment in your health. The main areas and signatures that we evaluate to determine your HEART health are:

  • Ste: Sternum

  • mP1/2: Lateral Pectoralis Major

  • Ic1/2: Intercostal Space III

  • Ic3/4: Intercostal Space V

STERNUM: This point is considered an alarm point for the chest region. A blocked configuration here can be in indication of issues with the heart, pericardium, lungs, esophagus, and/or breasts. (Sometimes you can get into skin) problems, like moles, skin cancer potential.

LATERAL PECTORALIS MAJOR: This point measures both the axillary lymph and any stress to the pericardium.

Intercostal Space III: Points 1 and 2 measure the left atrial function and esophageal function, as well as lung and pericardium (membrane enclosing the heart).

Intercostal Space V: Points 3 and 4 measure the lung and right myocardial function (muscular tissue of the heart).


Check out a Male Sample Report and Female Sample Report.


NO... Of course not.

Find out early what is going on with a Thermogram, since we are CLEARED by the FDA for Peripheral Blood Flow

Our Whole Body Program, can help you discover the root cause of any challenges to your HEART health, and allow you to address it immediately.

We measure 7 points to determine the function of tissues directly tied to the HEART. However, the rest of the  119 body points that are measured will also show where there could be other tissues or organs indirectly straining the heart. A poorly functioning THYROID, for example, can indirectly affect the health of the cardiovascular system.

Are you getting this level of detail with another SINGLE test as it concerns your HEART?


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Regulation Thermography is an FDA cleared adjunctive test that uses a probe to take readings on over 100 points of the body, each point measuring the FUNCTIONALITY of the following organs and systems: breasts, ovaries, uterus, prostate, pancreas, colon, gallbladder, small intestine, heart, lungs, spinal column, kidneys, stomach, liver, teeth, gums, lymphatic system, endocrine system, immune system, thymus, sinus, thyroid, and more! 

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