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Why is Immune Health Important?

Your immune system is made up of multiple cells, organs, and proteins all working together to keep your body working properly and defend it against toxins and infections. 

Immune System

Did you know that your lymphatic system and your immune system are part of the same system? In fact, the immune system has 3 very cool functions:

  1. Produces antibodies to protect against infections
  2. It’s your body’s “waste disposal system”
  3. It can direct toxins to be stored in your fat as a protective mechanism against damage to the rest of the body

Most people are familiar with the first function. For the second function, think of the lymphatic fluid (a key component of the lymphatic system), like a giant fluid highway that runs parallel to all the blood from head to toe. This highway of fluid is the transport system that allows the body to carry toxins, debri, dead cells, etc. to an exit (by way of feces, urine, or sweat). The body wants to eliminate toxicity consistently to keep everything else in working balance. 

So what would happen if you had a whole bunch of “road blocks” (or toxicity) in your system? Well, to try and “keep the roads clear” the body then stores many of these toxins in fat cells. When this happens, often people find themselves gaining weight in unusual places on their body, or all of a sudden their clothes don’t fit the same way anymore, or diet and exercise no longer shift the pounds like they used to. These kinds of weight struggles can often stem from a sluggish, unbalanced, or under functioning immune system with slow moving lymphatic fluid. 

Which Vitamins Boost the Immune System?

Liposomal Vitamin C: Vitamin C can help keep you from getting sick and improve healing.

Liposomal Vitamin D3+K2: Vitamin D is part of the cellular survival mechanism and works on the mitochondrial level. For best absorption, vitamin D3 should be paired with K2 and taken in the evening.  

Active Zinc: Zinc is essential for a strong immune system. With chronic and acute infections, zinc levels may be drastically lowered. During many cases of stress or infections, the adrenal glands become stressed, which is important to note because zinc plays an important role in adrenal receptor sites.  

RPG Aloe: Fills mannose receptors to support gut health, helps modulate the immune system, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and increases stem cell production by 300%-400% throughout the body.

Silver Gel: Highly antimicrobial and can be used on surfaces or to sanitize skin, creating a 5-hour long germ barrier where applied. 

Silver Solution: Can be used on surfaces and is also safe for ingestion. It not only kills viruses, but can also reduce the load of other microbes in the body, taking some pressure off the immune system. 

Some essential oils that are also very antiviral and can be used to support the immune system include: tea tree oil, frankincense, clove, thyme and oregano. 

How to Improve Immune Health?

There is more to immune health than just taking vitamins and eating healthy. Here are some simple solutions you can do at home to support your own immune strength! 

  1. CHILL OUT! Did you know that stress can decrease nutrient absorption, decrease thyroid and sex hormones, increase inflammation, and increase food sensitivities. 

So what are some things you can do to de-stress? 

  1. Take a hot bath with epsom salt and/or aromatherapy oils like lavender
  2. Have your partner give you a massage or use a tennis ball for self massage 
  3. Relax your core with a hot water bottle or heated blanket over the abdomen
  1. DRINK HOT WATER! Most viruses cannot survive when exposed to heat greater than 80° F (27° C). Hot water also supports movement of the lymphatic fluid to carry waste out of the body. Sipping on hot water throughout the day is a great way to support immune health. 
  1. GARGLE! Gargling with salt water (very alkalizing and balancing for the mouth microbiome) or silver solution (very antimicrobial) can minimize or eliminate microbes in the mouth before they have a chance to drain into the lymphatic system or elsewhere in the body. 

Your immune system is designed to protect you. Given the proper resources and care, it will do just that! Start with these at home basics for a good immune foundation. 

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