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    2 Week Rental – Body Light Pad


    IMAGINE A DEVICE THAT PRODUCES INFRARED LIGHT THAT CAN HELP WITH: ​ Improves Cardiovascular Improves Lymphatic Flow Lowers Blood Pressure Helps with Chronic Pain…

    Active Zinc


    Zinc has many bio-mechanical functions and includes enzyme function, protein synthesis, regulating the immune system, brain function, and the development…

    Aloe Coffee


    High Altitude Shade Grown Columbian Coffee that has Aloe in it to reduce any acid build up. Additionallly, it adds…

    Liposomal Methyl B Complex


    The benefits of Vitamin B-Complex to the elderly include improved memory and mood. Vitamin B-Complex is used by the body…

    Liposomal Plant-Based Vitamin C


    This is a unique supplement, which uses Non-GMO Organic Kiwi for its high potency of Vitamin C. The only way…

    Methyl-B12 Liposome Spray


    Concentrated nanosphere liposome tincture supports healthy methylation pathways, neurological, red blood cell wellness.

    Omega Oils


    This organic plant-based product is Essential Fatty Acids. They are a type of fat that your body needs but does…

  • RPG Aloe

    RPG Aloe


    The healing properties of Aloe vera have transcended the ages since the time of the Egyptians, earning it the name…

    Silver Gel


    Great to topically use for cold sores, cuts, and burns. Additionally, it is a Five-hour disinfectant for hands and mouth….

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